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Old Traffic Tickets Haunt Drivers: Chief Judge Speaks Out

DECATUR- Chief Judge Nelly Withers says unless drivers can prove they paid old tickets, the tickets still stand. If drivers don't want to lose their license they'll have to pay up.

The Center for Investigative Action reported how drivers were being threatened with license suspension on tickets they thought they'd take care of years ago.  License suspension notices are being sent out on more than 170 thousand tickets that show drivers didn't show up in court and failed to pay the fine. Some of those notices are on tickets nearly 10 years old!

"My point I guess is over time of 6 and a half years I've had my license renewed and moved twice and nothing every showed up. That tells me that I took care of it," Randy Rosshirt told us about a 2004 speeding ticket he thought he'd paid.

Old Tickets from Christmases Past Haunt Georgians

Old Tickets from Christmases Past Haunt Georgians

If you've ever gotten a traffic ticket in Dekalb County you could be in for quite a surprise. People who paid their traffic tickets years ago are getting notices in the mail that they'd better come in again and pay them again. 

"I have the proof I have the legal documentation and yet I was arrested for it," LaToya Salley told the Center for Investigative Action about an old ticket for not wearing a seat belt. She was arrested while on an unrelated traffic stop for failing to appear on that ticket.

She is not alone.  Dozens of people inside the DeKalb County Recorders Court were there fighting old tickets that they'd already paid. They'd come in because they'd received notices stating that they failed to appear and if they didn't pay up, they'd lose their license.

"We're already paid how can you prove it after so many years," Bella Fishman said about an old speeding ticket her husband received in 2003.  

Toddler Found Wandering Alone; Police Find and Arrest Father

TUCKER, Ga.  -- Police arrested the father of a toddler on Wednesday, accusing him of letting his daughter wander out of the family's apartment earlier in the day and, for at least three hours, never once looking for her or reporting her missing.

"I don't have the exact details of whether or not he was aware that she was missing," said Gwinnett County Police Corporal Jake Smith, "up until the point that the officers [located him and] told him that she was missing and that they, in fact, had her."

Cpl. Smith said investigators are trying to determine when the girl, whose age they said is around 18 months to 24 months, walked out of the family's apartment.

Missing Child Located, Help Needed to Find Parents

Missing Child Located, Help Needed to Find Parents

TUCKER, GA -- Police found a toddler walking outside in an apartment complex in Tucker Wednesday afternoon, and are looking for the public's help in identifying her and helping to find her parents.

Police said the toddler was a black female 18-to-24 months old. She has both ears pierced, is well-dressed and appears to be in good health. She was found at about 2:15 Wednesday afternoon in the Carrington Chase Apartment Complex at 6280 S. Norcross Tucker Road in Tucker.

Gwinnett County police officers and DFCS investigators have canvassed the apartment complex, but no one knows the child or where she belongs.

The child is unable to provide her name, her parents' name or where she lives. Anyone with any information please call Gwinnett County police at 770-513-5000.

11Alive Jeopardy! Classroom Contest

ATLANTA, Ga -- 11Alive Kids & Schools reporter Donna Lowry is teaming up with the folks at Jeopardy! to give students a fun new learning tool.

11Alive has five Classroom Jeopardy! games to give to five classes or schools.

Classroom Jeopardy! is an interactive computer system that allows educators to bring the familiar sights and sounds of Jeopardy! into the classroom.  The teacher steps into the role of host, students sign in and pick up the famous Jeopardy! buzzers to play the game on a classroom television.

The game retails for about $550 but 11Alive and a member of the  Jeopardy! Clue Crew  are getting it for five classrooms for free!

Here's what you need to do to apply:

Bright Water Krab Dips Recalled

TUCKER, GA -- Bright Water Seafood is recalling seven-ounce packages of Buffalo Krab Dip and Southwest Krab Dip after finding Listeria monocytogenes during routine testing.

So far, no illnesses have been reported, according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Bright Water Seafood is based in Tucker and distributes products in North Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

The recalled Bright Water Buffalo Krab Dip's UPC code is 8 1971100001 4. It has an expiration date of 12/21/2010 stamped on the side.

The recalled Bright Water Southwest Krab Dip's UPC code is 8 8 1971100002 1. It also has an expiration date of 12/21/2010 stamped on the side.

DeKalb Government Furniture Flip Costs Taxpayers Thousands

DeKalb Government Furniture Flip Costs Taxpayers Thousands

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- State representative Stan Watson will become a DeKalb County commissioner in a couple of weeks. He'll replace Connie Stokes. When Stokes leaves, county officials say she'll take her county office furniture with her. And Watson will get new, nearly-identical taxpayer-funded furniture.

The money is the eye-opener.  Stokes is paying DeKalb county $1,300 for her four-year old furniture.

The county is spending $12,000 to replace it for Watson.

Morris Williams, the Board chief of staff, says the incoming and outgoing furniture are virtually identical, "except one is four years older than the other.