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Help Desk gets trash removed from Tucker apartment lot | News

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Help Desk gets trash removed from Tucker apartment lot


TUCKER, Ga. -- Imagine being afraid to have your children play in front of your townhome, or having to watch from your front window as trash and furniture are being discarded right in front of you.

That is what happened at one residential complex in Tucker until 11Alive's Help Desk got involved.

Stephanie Shockley and her two small children woke up every day to sight of trash and tossed furniture outside their townhome.

"If I wanted to sit outside and have a cup of coffee, this (trash and discarded furniture) is what I would be looking at," Shockley said.

A dumpster and compactor sat right in the middle of a parking lot at a Tucker townhome complex and seen by residents in more than 20 apartment homes that border on the lot.


They saw discarded furniture, mattresses, recliners and lots of household trash.

"I am beyond angry. I am very beyond angry. It's so frustrating that if I had the means, I would pick up and leave today," Shockley said.

Shockley said the dumpster and the mess it created was a hazard and an eyesore.

"On the weekend, if it's not night time already, worms, flies, roaches, squirrels and all kinds of rodents that are piled up on the trash," Shockley said.

She took action, contacting management, the sanitation department and DeKalb Code Enforcement to get the problem fixed.

"The only thing I've gotten back from the Sanitation Department is, 'Sorry but it's not our problem,'" said Shockley. "From management, they just apologized and said they are trying to fix it, but nothing has happened and code enforcement has said, 'Thank you for your emails. We will file your complaint.'"

None of what she did worked.

Bill Liss from the 11Alive Help Desk went to the rental office to get answers. They said they pick up trash and major household goods on a regular basis, but it's difficult to stay ahead of the volume.

Liss then called in DeKalb County Code Enforcement and they assured us that all the mattresses and furniture would removed on June 4.

The Help Desk also also received an assurance that the dumpster itself would be moved out of the parking lot and behind and away from residents within 60 days. As of Friday, the process of cleaning up the mess had already begun.