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Mother upset after son injured at county rec center | News

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Mother upset after son injured at county rec center

TUCKER, Ga. – A DeKalb County mother is upset after she says her 11-year-old was injured at a county recreation center.

Hilary Logan said she's been bringing her son J.J. to the Tucker Recreation Center for years. But when J.J. hit his head on Tuesday, Hilary said she doesn't know what upset her more: the thought that he may have been playing on faulty equipment, or the fact that she says none of the center's staff seemed concerned.

Logan said it wasn't an employee, it but rather fellow parents who called to let her know that her son had injured himself.

J.J. was playing, fell in the pit and bumped his head.

Hilary said that EMS came only after she demanded that the center call 911.

After she arrived and calmed her son, Hilary went to the next room and snapped pictures of the foam pit where her son was playing. She then sent those pictures to 11Alive.

"The foam in the pit was extremely low to me," Hilary Logan said. "When was the last time this facility has been evaluated?"

11Alive had the same questions. We wanted to know how this and other rec centers are being regulated. It turns out that there is no state agency providing oversight; they're run completely by the county.


DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester said it's time to take a closer look at the county's policies.

"I am going to ask questions about policy," Jester said. "What policies are in place? Were they followed? Did we have a policy about distracted supervision because there have been discussion about that. Do we have a policy regarding the number of folks that should be there supervising children."

Jester said at least two other parents contacted her office about the issue. She said she's reached out to the county CEO's office and is prepared to propose stronger policies if necessary.