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Fighting crime one email at a time | News

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Fighting crime one email at a time

TUCKER, Ga -- Some neighborhoods in Tucker have been hit hard by thieves breaking into cars, but residents aren't taking it sitting down. Some seven neighborhoods along Idlewood Road are networking together to keep residents alert and safe.

Overnight thieves have been taking advantage of residents who let their guard down and leave cars unlocked or leave valuable items in their vehicles.

Barry Murphy and her husband Chris have been had two cars broken into. "You feel so violated, I love this community, this neighborhood and we trust everyone around us," she said. "To walk out to your car one morning and things are missing and gone, it just doesn't feel good," she said.

Murphy and her husband are teachers and she says they work hard for what they own. She expressed her frustration by putting a sign on her car for the thieves to see. It reads: "Hi neighborhood thieves! Please STOP robbing us. We are just trying to educate young people on teachers pay, which isn't a lot! Thanks!" She signed it with hugs and kisses and a smiley face.

Jan Mixon, who lives in the Drayton Woods subdivision, started an email chain to keep residents informed about the break-ins and warn them to not leave valuables in their cars. "Any time I send out something I always say please be alert," she said. "Everybody needs to remain alert and we need to call 911 with any suspicious activity."

More than 200 people have signed up to receive her emails. Barry Murphy is one of them. "I think it's great when people come together and tell each other what's going on in their neighborhood and make everybody aware so everyone can kind of look out for each other," she said.

Mixon said she has also been in contact with DeKalb County Police Tucker precinct and they have promised extra patrols in the neighborhoods.

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