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The RGA Creates RoyBama | News

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The RGA Creates RoyBama

ATLANTA -- The Republican Governors Association has inserted itself again in the Georgia governor's race, launching a television ad statewide that hits hard at Democrat Roy Barnes.

The 30-second commercial aims to tie Barnes to President Obama.

The RGA has also launched a website entitled "Roybama." It takes aim on the policies of the president and former Georgia Governor Barnes.

The RGA is led by 27-year-old Georgia native Nick Ayers who helped lead Sonny Perdue to victory over Roy Barnes.

Speaking from his Washington D.C. office, Ayers was asked why the Democratic Governors Association has not countered with ads in Georgia.

"I am not convinced Roy Barnes can win," Ayers said. "He has 100 percent name recogniition in the state and only 45 percent in polling. Those numbers have not changed."

11Alive's Jeff Hullinger spoke with Barnes campaign spokesman Emil Runge.

When asked about Mr. Ayers and the Democratic Governors Association and if they might be countering with an ad, Mr.. Runge replied with a statement he had made previously attacking candidate Deal:

"Congressman Deal has been named one of the 'Most Corrupt Members of Congress' and he fled Washington, D.C. because he was facing a Congressional Ethics investigation into his sweetheart, no-bid state contract."

Meanwhile, The RGA disclosed in a mid year filing posted July 15th that the Fox Television Network has made a donation of $1 million dollars.

Mr. Ayers says he believes what plays in Georgia will play in other states 

The RGA chief added, "Georgians might be suprised to know you could go to Wisconsin and Michigan and find an equally unpopular president."